From where does your help come?


As children, we start out innocent as a kitten. We could be a part of a family already,
living in a home and then sold to another home to be loved and fed and well taken care
of. We could be a kitten from a stray cat who has no place to live, who scrounges daily for
food, who gets kicked out of alleys and away from doorsteps. Then someone comes close
to us and we run and hide because all we know is people being mean. We live on the run
from place to place, trying to find food and shelter. As we get older, we fight with other
cats and animals competing for food and shelter. A man with a net catches us; he throws
us into a locked wire box. We end up in a cage with many other noisy animals all crying
and begging to get out. Finally, someone with big brown eyes and a white smile points
at us and pays a price for us to be theirs. We learn to love and become totally devoted to
our Master.
Some folks may grow up like the homeless kitten only to learn the ways of the world
and make it work to their advantage. They don’t want anyone to see the hurt and pain of being homeless that is still in their
eyes. Ignoring it and burying the past is like moving forward and being proactive, right?

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