Don’t hold me back!

th-2 I believe the first thing we need to do each day is to ask God for forgiveness; to show us where we have unconfessed sin. When we are burdened and/or carrying sin, we are ineffective for Christ. I remember going to the youth detention center to minister to hurting girls, and I spent the whole time crying myself. I was harboring sin and didn’t realize that it is impossible to help someone when you are in a mess yourself. I didn’t realize at the time that issues from my past were holding me hostage. Being with those girls at YDC brought light into the dark mildewed places of my heart. These girls were ready to receive God’s love and be set free. What’s my problem? I’ve been a Christian for years and am supposed to be the godly person who gives comfort and encouragement to them. This awareness is a major clue the Holy Spirit gives us when things are not right in our hearts. The Holy Spirit deals with our hearts, gives us a holy heartburn that keeps us uneasy and restless until we deal with it.

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