Pain in the Butt



I’m experiencing a physical pain in the butt. From sitting and lack of stretching and exercise, my piriformis muscle has become over neglected resulting in pain when standing, walking, sitting and just about everything else. Only when the pain arrives do I realize the neglect and choose to change my habits to incorporate stretching, exercising, and anything else that will heal the muscle. I’m also reminded of the spiritual pain in the butt that occurs when I neglect Bible reading, praying and going to church. Those symptoms are less obvious but there none the less. I experience doubt, depression, guilt; lacking confidence, love and acceptance. Once I realize these symptoms, I change my attitude and make adjustments needed to heal the spirit and avoid the spiritual pain in the butt. Change and movement are a must! We have to continue to grow and do what is necessary to take care of our physical and spiritual well-being.


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