America Bless God (again)!


The United States of America according to history and the founding fathers was founded in order to have religious and government freedom. Freedom to govern according to the laws and rights given within the Bible. England was involved with ritualistic and systematic religion that was in contrast to the Bible. Therefore, brave and courageous men and women decided to take a leap of faith and venture out to the unknown, risking life, all for the sake of freedom. People had a choice to go or not. I’m sure several folks didn’t like the Catholic Church rituals but lived with them all for the sake of remaining safe in England.

As the new citizens of America fight for their freedom, they are passionate about the cause and sacrifices made. They didn’t come to America to find several newly built sub-divisions in which to choose to live, these folks with children had absolutely nothing and built a country from natural resources. These are the first “naked and afraid” “survivors”. These pioneers braved their lives for this country and thanked God for the opportunity He provided called America. They daily praised God and thanked Him for their provisions. Once the pioneers settled they made time to establish the Declaration of Independence which include God as the lead Founding Father.


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