Good For Nothing!



We’ve heard this term used before and it isn’t a pleasant one. Those who are lazy, bum-like, negative are considered “good for nothing”. That is an awful way to live. It is heartbreaking to see folks like this, we may even know a few in our family. They are considered “depressed”, “emotionally unstable”, “alcoholics”, “co-dependent”. Our society has a label for everything and anything that could possibly occur.

From the beginning of time, God has assigned jobs and responsibilities for life. We have something to do, we are “good for something” unless we totally ignore God and our responsibility assignments. We can consider certain items “good for nothing” like lint from the dryer, dust bunnies, the molded cheese in the fridge or salt that has been in the cabinet for 10 years. Those things are readily thrown away- un useable and useless to us. Matthew talks about salt once it loses its flavor, “it is no longer good for anything” (Matthew 5:13). God wants us to use our talents and gifts every day. We have them for a reason. If you feel you aren’t being useful or making a difference in this world, check your relationship with God. David said in Psalm 16:2 “You are my Lord, apart from you I have no good thing”. God is a good Father who gives us good things in life when we obey Him. It’s nothing to be fearful of, you won’t be intentionally punished for disobeying, you just won’t be close for Him to hold your hand through life.



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