Reality vs. Equity

equality vs justice

“Life’s not fair” is a common phrase by teenagers and many adults. And it is true. Reality is we live in an evil, mean world and when evil mean things happen, it’s perfectly normal. Life is living sometimes without food, only two outfits, begging for a ride, and often not liked by many people. Where does it say that life is a wonderful sheltered home where love is mentioned every day, where you receive three great meals a day eating at a table with your family? Is life getting 100’s on all your exams, graduating top of the class, and everyone is your best friend? Do you follow your dream of becoming a doctor to help those less fortunate and a knight in shining armor arrives at your door to sweep you away, get married and live happily ever after? These ideas come from the fairy tales read at bedtime and truly hinder the female ideology of success, marriage and relationships. There are those who have the fairy tale life, but if you look close, there are shards of reality that cut deep into their souls.

Reality is hard life where you work the ground in order to eat. You get an education in order to get a job to keep you and family fed and sheltered. Reality is where your friends die suddenly, your children grow up, get with the wrong group and end up in jail. Reality is working all your life and not having money to enjoy the retirement others talk about that is supposed to happen. Reality is that God loves you and sent His Son to Earth 2,000 years ago to die for our sins. God did this so that we could have a relationship with Him with sacrificing animals like the past. Reality also means that we live this life the best way we can and when we die, we deserve to go to hell. It is reality for those who do not accept and believe in Jesus.

If you want a world where everyone is treated equitable, just wait, we all die the same.

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