shining moon

The sun is a powerful force. It is the center of our universe, the giver of light and therefore life to every living thing. The sun takes away the darkness and reveals shadows. Light allows us to wake up and work easily. The sun warms the ocean water causing clouds that eventually bring rain. Many people worship the sun because of its great power and the importance in our lives. I believe folks are somewhat right. There is definitely a Son worthy of worship and it’s Jesus. God created the sun, the visible light of the world and then He sent His Son to earth to show us the true meaning of worship and love. There’s great similarities between the two. The Son is a powerful force, He is the center of our being. He belongs in the soul of everyone He created yet gives us the choice to choose Him. We are made complete when He is in our hearts. Jesus, the Son, reveals shadows of doubt in our mind, He takes away the darkness of evil in our lives. He warms our soul with joy and rains blessings upon our daily lives. Just like the bright orb in the sky, it shines on the moon to create light, Jesus is the brightness in our lives that make us shine. Get your daily does of Moon-Shine by spending time with Jesus!


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