Crippled Christians



Having JRA since childhood I am familiar with my limitations and I make adjustments to compensate for things I cannot do. Those turning 50 and hit with the aging woes haven’t had time to adjust and are having a difficult time dealing with the aches, pains, weight gain, failing eyes, loss of hair, and multiple digestive issues. Getting old is definitely not for wimps. It takes strength, courage and determination not to let the issues negatively affect your life.

There are many problems we face living in this evil world. Changes are being made daily that can hinder our faith and cause us to adapt. Slow changes have been happening over the past 30 years to prepare us for what we see today. Television has been preparing the society for the demise of family by creating “modern family”; the fall of integrity with “pretty little liars”, “devious maids”, “Jerry Springer” and so much more. Society feeds on these programs which program our minds to accept people the way they are and learn to tolerate the change. When families are broken from divorce and put back together with homosexual partners, we are taught and programed to accept. We, Christians, even have these same folks speaking God’s Words back to us, saying “God loves everyone”. He created all people just the way they are and He loves them.

Christians live by and believe the Word of God to be true have a choice to make. We can accept our changing society and become evolved into their beliefs. Or as the pain of life affects us, we put on a brave face, the armor of God and proclaim the Truth as God spoke into being. Yes, we Christians love every person because God’s greatest command is to love. Christians however take a stand for the values of the Bible which include the Ten Commandments doesn’t mean we hate and are politically incorrect. Our world is made of different viewpoints and opinions. We have the right in America to share our opinions publicly without retribution, until lately. It’s becoming more difficult to take a stand for Christian beliefs these days. It’s a new crippling effect that we must deal with bravely and with courage! We can do this!! Get your full dose of vitamin B (Bible) every day and feel the power.


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