James Fraser describes being Christ-like:

“It is all IF and WHEN, I believe the devil is fond of those conjunctions. The plain truth is that the Scriptures never teach us to wait for opportunities of service, but to serve in just the things that lie next to our hands. The Lord bids us work, watch and pray; but Satan suggests, wait until a good opportunity for working, watching and praying presents itself—and needless to say, this opportunity is always in the future. Since the things that lie in our immediate path have been ordered of God, who shall say that one kind of work is more important and sacred than another? I believe it is no more necessary to be faithful in preaching the Gospel than in washing the dishes. It is not for us, in any case, to choose out work. And if God has chosen it for us, hadn’t we better go straight ahead and do it, without waiting for anything greater, better or nobler?” God is calling us to “wash the feet” of those we see everyday. Be a servant NOW!


Akin, Daniel, 10 Who Changed the World.

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