Get Rid of the Dust-Bunny


Most homes now are being equipped with hardwood floors. They are easy to clean and keep free of mold and mildew, and on the flip side, it is easy to see when it is dirty and dusty. Furniture seems to be the best place for dust-bunnies to hide. Spring comes once a year so we can move our furniture around and clean up what’s been hiding all year.

As long as I don’t see the dust-bunnies, I’m ok. I don’t go looking for them when cleaning. I will attach only when sighted. Most of our past negative feelings are like dust-bunnies. They hide under our personality, our smile, our busyness, our family, our career. We forget the dust-bunny (negative feelings) are even there because we have become so good at keeping them covered up. Dust-bunnies and feelings will get bigger as we keep ignoring and covering them up. Every once in a while, we lose the phone case, our favorite sock, the dog’s toy and we have to look under the bed or couch. When we look, we discover the grossness that been collecting for months or even years. We have a choice at this moment, do we grab the dog toy and go on with our merry life, or do we get the vacuum cleaner out and get rid of all the bunnies lurking between the boxes. It would be so much easier to get the toy and run leaving behind and ignoring the dust-bunnies. It would take too much effort to get the vacuum cleaner out of the closet, hook it up, get back down on your knees and stretch the hose out to collect all the bunnies.

Our negative emotions are kept hidden for years because we don’t want to deal with them. They cost too much energy, time, pain, and change! Can we just keep them covered up? Who’s going to know the difference? To be honest, everyone is affected when you keep the negative emotions hidden and covered up. Having an issue like child abuse hidden for years affects your relationship with your spouse, your children, your co-workers and mostly yourself. The dust-bunnies hidden behind child abuse are ugly. They are full of shame, guilt, bitterness, hatred, anger, and sometimes irrational behaviors. In order to have a “cleaner” healthier life, we have to get rid of all the dust-bunnies no matter how painful or inconvenient it may be. Once you go ahead and clean out, you feel better and are emotionally and mentally healthy for everyone, especially yourself!


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