There Is No Excuse!


Romans 1:20 “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse”.

Leaves blowing in the breeze reflect the Spirit of God. The variety of animals and plants demonstrate a precise creation with fantastic detail. I cannot believe that this world was created accidentally through molecular combustion. Romans tells us clearly that creation gives us proof of God’s existence. Although God is known by majority of people in this world, their knowledge of Him is limited and clouded by man’s explanations of God. The Bible is historically accurate and non-fiction. It can and has been proven true, from Pharaoh’s control over the Egyptians to Noah’s Ark found in Turkey, to Pontius Pilot ordering Jesus’s death.

Since we live in this evil world, folks come up with ideas about creation instead of believing the truth. The world works in a delusion of lies instead of accepting the truth. We have a choice to believe the lies or accept the truth. To follow the crowd, or pave through a narrow path only a few have forged.


10 thoughts on “There Is No Excuse!

  1. Leaves blowing in the breeze revealed the invisible gnomes moving them around. Everywhere you look their power is manifest!

    Do you believe me?

    It’s just as convincing as your blog post.

    • If you choose to believe gnomes that proves my point in coming up with some explanation. I dare you to ask God to reveal the truth to you. It’s amazing once you “get it”. 😇

      • If we had historical proof sweet little gnome died for me and my sin I would love him also. The bible is historically correct and breathes within every part of creation. What caused you to be so bitter and turn away from God?

      • There is no historical proof that Jesus existed and there certainly isn’t any evidence that he was a deity or that he acted as a human sacrifice so you could achieve forgiveness.

        I’m not bitter and I can’t turn away from something that doesn’t exist. Just like you can’t turn away from Odin or Zeus.

      • I’ve checked the historical facts. They’re not there. And there definitely isn’t anything that proves anyone was a deity or a human sacrificial deity. It’s a ridiculous story and it’s not proven. You need faith to believe the bible for a reason. If you had evidence, you wouldn’t need faith.

  2. You are correct, there is no excuse. . .no excuse for seeing the beauty of nature and making it all about believing in your idea of God, a God who would torture non-believers for eternity for not “seeing Him in the creation.” Very sad, really.

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