Love YOU

love yourself quotes 5.jpg

There’s so much hate in the world. Brothers against brothers; Family against family; Nations against nations. This is not what God wanted, this came from the one kicked out of Heaven. If we were to love ourselves there would be less hate because love = patience, kindness, and goodness. God commands us to love God first and foremost and then love your neighbor like yourself (Matthew 22:40).

Depression has really become a problem in America. Other than chemical imbalances, people who focus on themselves tend to see all the negative. Having our focus on our own faults, failures, guilt and shame make us lash out at others. The bully concept – make others feel worse than you do has become a way of life. We have to change our focus. See yourself the way God does. He hand-made you for loving HIM. He thinks you are Wonderful and Amazing. He has all confidence in YOU to become what He created you for. So for Pete’s Sake (your neighbor) love yourself!


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