Throw Away Your Idols

We throw away trash and things we don’t want. Some people have a problem throwing things away. That creates new issues and for some reason, our culture enjoys the problems of others, so we develop a medical issue and television programs devoted to “not being able to throw things away”. The Bible tells us to […]

Storage Full

I recently keep getting notices on my iphone that my storage is almost full. They recommend I go to settings and make adjustments. I don’t see how this is possible, because I download my photos to my home computer, I have an icloud account that stores everything and I’m paying extra for more storage. I […]

Have you been pruned lately?

I love the spring/summer time when the flowers start blooming. It all looks so fresh and wonderful. It also reminds me of bearing flowers and fruit of the Holy Spirit. Those are more difficult to produce because they don’t follow the annual weather patterns. Being a Christian for 20 years doesn’t automatically mean you are […]

Just Another Family Reunion

An important part of the family life is getting together with all the relatives. Back in the day, family reunions were the vacation destination. A generation ago, family reunions were planned and depended on. Siblings and cousins get a chance to connect and play. As these cousins grow up and have families of their own, […]

Look at the History

It’s in our nature to succeed and get ahead. It’s called “Survival of the Fittest” by psychologists. It is just part of our evil nature according to the Bible. The very first murder was Cain killing his brother Abel because he was jealous. And thus evil continued to plague the nation causing consequences of God’s […]


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