Having Control

Much of our Nation’s turmoil stems from individuals and groups of people wanting control. We want to prove our point of view while claiming your point of view is wrong. It doesn’t work well. We have more racial, economic, political, and cultural divisions than ever before. This isn’t a new problem. I believe the times […]

Political Correct

When did “being” politically correct control our minds, viewpoints, media, communication, relationships and entire lives? Probably since our latest leadership began to control everything. Just before he arrived, we hear words to soften our feelings. No more black and white, no more rich and poor, no more gay and straight; we are all the same […]

Our Enemy is not Flesh and Blood

People are getting up in arms over their own hatred of others. It’s astounding the killings that are happening every day. White policemen are not the enemy. Black males in poverty are not the enemy. Mentally unstable folks are not the enemy. Isis is not the enemy. “For our struggle is not against flesh and […]

Life Benefits

Having a job means having certain benefits. The better the job, sometimes comes with better benefits. We definitely like having good insurance, sick days, disability insurance, pay increases throughout the career and etc. These benefits come with full-time jobs where you are committed to working for the long haul. Part-time workers don’t have many, if […]


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