Throw Away Your Idols

We throw away trash and things we don’t want. Some people have a problem throwing things away. That creates new issues and for some reason, our culture enjoys the problems of others, so we develop a medical issue and television programs devoted to “not being able to throw things away”. The Bible tells us to […]

What Do You Have In Mind?

Are you old enough to remember the commercial that went, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”? That’s true. We only have one brain (mind) and when we reach adulthood, it stops or slows down acquiring and starts to have trouble retrieving. There are so many people who suffer dementia, Alzheimer’s, and bouts of […]

I want to be homeless when I grow up!

Being apart of a community means everyone contributes to the success and growth. We educate students in the hopes that they will come back to the community with necessary skills to build on. Many students want to leave their hometown never to return. That means they are being productive somewhere else. Not too many students […]


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