Get Off Your High Horse!

There are professionals in about every subject and field known. It’s human nature to want to be the best at something. If we don’t strive for best, why do we try? I’m thankful doctors and teachers and inventors keep trying in order to improve on their skills. We have a wonderful world filled with incredible […]


James Fraser describes being Christ-like: “It is all IF and WHEN, I believe the devil is fond of those conjunctions. The plain truth is that the Scriptures never teach us to wait for opportunities of service, but to serve in just the things that lie next to our hands. The Lord bids us work, watch […]

What “be” your attitude?

Jesus gives us the attitudes that not only glorify Him but allow us to live successful lives. Just off the top of your head, I bet you can’t name the number one attitude to be! (positive?), (in control?), (authoritative?) These attitudes work well in business and leadership roles all over the world. The President of […]


Refuge is a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger or trouble. We may not be running or hiding for our lives on a daily basis but we are in a battle with our minds. We face doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, pain, financial problems, family problems and frenemy issues. We desperately need help […]


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